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Tales From The Tomb - Eerie Publications

V2 #6. VG The cover alone is worth the price of this b&w horror comic mazazine. Pre-code horror reprints along with a few new stories. Bloody and violent. SOLD

Tales of the Green Beret - Dell Comics

2. VG/F 100% Sam Glanzman art. SOLD

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler - Charlton comics

9. F+ Tough period to find Charlton books in this nice of shape. Three cool Steve Ditko stories!! This was a great run of comics. SOLD
13. F- 5.5 Last issue. Rocco Mastroserio cover. All three full length stories are by Matt Baker (some of his last art before he died) - two inked by Vince Colletta, and one inked by Jon D'Agostino (signed Matt Bakerino!). All stories are written by Joe Gill. A strong Fine minus 5.5 copy. SOLD

Tarzan - Dell/Gold Key

84. VG/F Gordon Scott nice photo cover.  SOLD
99. VG/F Another nice Scott photo cover. Russ Manning art.  SOLD
103. F- Another Scott photo cover - this issue is from 1958.  SOLD
105. VG/F Scott photo cover, Russ Manning art.  SOLD
117. F+ Nice painted cover. Russ Manning art.  SOLD
120. F Painted cover. Tarzan saves the Bushmen. Russ Manning art.  SOLD
122. F Very nice painted cover. Tarzan fights The Elephant Men! Russ Manning art.  SOLD
123. F- Painted cover with Tarzan and the great apes. Russ Manning art.  SOLD
124. F- Great dinosaurs painted cover. Russ Manning art.  SOLD
125. F Painted cover with a voodoo witch doctor. Russ Manning art. SOLD
126. F+ Real nice painted cover, good story, Russ Manning art.  SOLD
127. F+ Another nice painted cover, and another Russ Manning art.  SOLD
128. F Me Tarzan , You Jane!  SOLD
130. F Painted cover with a wild elephant going beserk! Russ Manning art. SOLD
131. F/F+ Last Dell issue. Great painted dinosaurs cover and story. Russ Manning art. Hard to find issue.  SOLD
132. F/F+ 1st Gold Key issueof Tarzan. The first dozen or so Gold Key Tarzen issues in shape are getting hard to find. Nice painted cover.  SOLD
133. F/VF Probably one of the top three dinosaurs Tarzan covers. Great one with Roman Gladiators. 2nd Gold Key issue.  SOLD
134. F/VF 3rd Gold Key. Nice painted cover. Russ Manning art.  SOLD
135. VF- Great painted cover of Tarzen battling a half human creature!  SOLD
136. F/F+ Painted cover and Russ Manning art.  SOLD
137. F/F+ Painted cover with Tarzen and a captive princess. Russ Manning art. SOLD
138. F/VF Painted cover and Russ Manning art again.  SOLD
141. F-/F No painted cover and no Manning art!! (only kidding!)  SOLD
142. F/VF Cool dinosaurs / cavemen battle painted cover.  SOLD
145. F Tarzan battles an Ape-God...yes, it is a painted cover.  SOLD
146. VF- The BEST Tarzan dinosaurs painted cover in the entire run! If no one wants it, it's going on my wall.  SOLD
149. F Tarzen vs Roman Gladiators painted cover. Russ Manning art back.  SOLD
150. F/VF Very nice cover and story. SOLD
173. VF-/VF Very sharp book. Nice painted cover and nice Russ Manning art. SOLD
182. VG/F 5.0 Nice painted cover by George Wilson. Adaptation of "Tarzan The Invincible." Nice Doug Wieldy art. SOLD
184. VF- 7.5 Fine painted cover by George Wilson. Adaptation of "Tarzan Triumphant." Very nice Doug Wieldy art. SOLD

Tarzan Gigante

1. VG/F This is a 82 pg Itilian Tarzan comic book from 1969. When's the last time you saw one of these? Probably the only existing copy in the United States! Poster centerfold.  SOLD

Tastee-Freez Comics - Harvey Publications

6. VG/F 5.0

back cover

No real problems, but does have some light general wear. Nice slight cream to off-white pages. Promotional giveaway comic. Dick Tracy cover and story, along with the neat Tastee-Freez comic features. 1957. SOLD

Teenage Hotrodders - Charlton Comics

20. VF+ Wild story w/ bikers vs hot rodders. Jack Keller cover/story with slot cars.  SOLD
21. F/F+ Very nice dragster cover and story by Keller.  SOLD
23. VG Hard to believe series like these ran 20-30 issues, or more. Ahh, the good old days of comics!  SOLD
24. VF- Last issue of this title. Check out "The Flying Thingie" story. Also, a GTO story.  SOLD

Teen-Age Love - Charlton

44. VF- Nice cover and story - "A Very Merry Christmas".  SOLD
48. F+/VF "They were taller, healthier, happier....and LESS INHIBITED....than any kids I had ever known....don't miss..."Beach Beau" with nice Vince Colletta art. Also, a Viet Nam story. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
49. F+ Read "Leader of the Pack" - a wild (for Charlton) motorcycle gang story. Nice Vince Colletta art on "Will He Kiss Me?" @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
50. F+/VF Be sure to read "The Wild Ones", cool cover! Good art by V.Colletta, also R.Garcia. @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD
51. F/F+ Read "Ashamed of Loving" with two teens necking in a MG sports car cover by Jim Aparo.  SOLD
52. VF-/VF Read "Born in the Boondocks" about the rich guy falling in love with the poor girl.  SOLD
53. VF- Beautiful Vince Colletta art on "only One True Love" with most of the story on the beach/bathing suits.  SOLD
54. F/VF Beatles and Elvis mentions in "The Girl in the Gildded Cage" story by V.Colletta. Check out those Go-Go boots!  SOLD
55. F-/F Great Beatnick cover and story in "Kissing For Kicks".  SOLD
56. VF- Great motorcycle cover, and what dialogue! Vince Colletta art with shower and lingerie panels. Great girl "cat fight" panels at the beach.  SOLD
57. VF- Nice Jim Aparo cover and story. Great spanking panel in the Vince Colletta story. Classic Charlton comics house ad ("we need the money")  SOLD
58. F/VF Vince Colletta again putting the lingerie panel in his story. Jim Aparo cover and neat story in "Who Will Bring Me Roses?" Plus that classic house ad.  $15.00
59. VF Dig the cover dialogue....C'mon Chick...I'll take you to where the BIG ONES COME IN!! Watch out chick!! Mother slaps her daughter panel.....and what a shot !! @Please note - scan shown here is of a lower grade sold copy, the copy you are buying here is guaranteed in the listed condition!  SOLD

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mirage Studios

1-4. Set VF/NM The series that started it all! The first four original, first printings that are ALL signed by BOTH creators. Issue #1 also has an original drawing of one of the turtles on the inside cover!!  SOLD
8. NM/M This was the Cerebus issue. Signed by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, and Cerebus inker Gerhard!!  SOLD

TMNT Turtlemania Special

1. NM/M A small press comic-zine with facts and articles/previews of TMNT stuff. Only 3000 printed, this one is signed on the cover by both creators. Scarce!  SOLD

Teen Confessions - Charlton

11. VF/VF+ Scarce British edition. Hip chick falls for a square guy.  $32.50
16. F/F+ "I Was Sixteen...Almost Grown...And To The Average Male, I Was A Woman"  SOLD
26. VF-/VF Nice Vince Colletta cover and story "A Need To Know". $17.50
39. VF Girl w/ three different guys on the cover - that slut! Biker vs Surfer for girl story.  $17.50
40. F+ Quote of the issue...."I love you Guy! You love me too, don't you?" "Yeah, like crazy sugar!" Don't you believe him girlie!! And dig those crazy hairdo's in the 1st story called "Too Much!"  SOLD
41. F+ Nice art throughout all three stories. SOLD
42. F- Girl falls in w/ the wrong crowd in "My Spy". Read about "A Bunch of Hoods Like Satan's Servants!" SOLD
43. VF- Boyfriend goes off to Viet Nam, girlfriend fools around with the brother, and writes her boyfriend a Dear John letter breaking up with him. He gets killed in action! What a bummer story! Nice art throughout. SOLD
44. F/F+ Nice cover and art in "Kiss Me Beloved....." SOLD
45. VF- Nice cover and underwater romance by R.Olivera in "Stolen Kisses". Also V.Colletta story. SOLD
46. F+ A new record - two complete strangers meet and by the 3rd panel fall in love with each other!! SOLD
47. VF/VF+ Girl falls in with a bad seed in "The Bad Year". Love the dialogue - "He's Horrible! He's....He's so strong....he fascinated me....like a venomous snake!" $20.00
48. F/VF 'Vette cover. Poor girl in "The Long, Long Wait...." She thinks "Won't anyone want me for his own? I'm not that horrible, am I??" Hey, if you have to ask, honey...... SOLD
49. F+/VF "His Kisses Remind Me Of You" cover story. Spanking panel and "topless" panel on the beach.  SOLD
50. F- Don't miss...."I'll Be Your Kind Of Girl, Darling!" Nice V.Colletta art w/ a lingerie panel. SOLD
51. F Peace and love Hippie story set in Greenwich Village. SOLD

Ten-Story Love - Ace Publications

V34 #6. F/VF Hot photo cover. Nice art, some good stories  SOLD

Terry and the Pirates - Dell

6. F 1947 Milton Caniff strip stories. SOLD
no#. F/VF 1947 Popped Wheat Giveaway. A 16-page full color comic book by Milton Caniff of earlier 1930s strip reprints. SOLD

Terrytoons Giant Summer Fun Book - Pines Comics

102. G/VG 3.0 Mighty Mouse. A very solid and tight copy - scarce 80 page giant from 1958. Small piece of tape inside fromt cover.  $20.00

Texas Rangers in Action - Charlton

13. VG/F Some color cover touch-ups. Williamson/Torres artwork. SOLD

That Wilkin Boy - Archie

1. VG/F 1st appearance of Bingoes Band and Samantha. Dan DeCarlo cover and art. Cameos by Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. SOLD

T.H.E CAT - Dell

1. VF- 7.5 Cool Robert Loggia photo cover. Based on the short lived TV series.  SOLD

Thirteen Going On Eighteen - Dell Comics

11. F+ 6.5 .Clean and sharp. Classic John Stanley cover, art, and stories.  SOLD
14. VF- 7.5 Real nice copy. John Stanley all the way.  SOLD

This is War - Standard

7. VF- 7.5 Nice pre-code war book. Original owner copy.  SOLD

Three Stooges - Dell / Gold Key

41. F- 5.5 Great photo cover! Fun Western Ghost Town story. Art probably by Pete Alvardo. SOLD

Thrill-O-Rama - Harvey

1. F+/VF The Man in Black "Fate" by Bob Powell. Joe Simon cover. Al Williamson and Reed Crandell artwork?  SOLD
2. F/VF .The Pirana cover/lead story. George Tuska with Joe Simon cover. Bob Powell on The Man in Black called Fate story. Two pages beautiful Al Williamson art on the first Clawfang the Barbarian feature. SOLD
3. F/F+ Bob Powell's "The Man in Black Called Fate". SOLD

Thunder Agents - Tower Comics

It is of my opinion that Thunder Agents and the rest of the Tower Comic group are among the best Super-hero comics ever published. Fantastic art, great story telling and cool characters, this small company had big quality. I am proud to present for your consideration a complete run of this under rated and under valued title.

1. VF- 7.5 CGC-slabbed. Slight restoration (some small color touch-up spots) otherwise a higher-grade copy. Great title and great run! Origin and 1st appearances of Dynamo, Noman, Menthor, the Thunder Squad, and the Iron Madien. Fantastic Wally Wood art and cover. Reed Crandall art.  SOLD
1. VG-/VG As above, raw low to mid-grade solid copy. SOLD
1. VG-/VG 3.5 BEST non Marvel or DC series of the Silver-Age! And this one starts it all. A Wally Wood creation. 1st Appearances and Origins of The Thunder Squad, Dynamo, Noman, Iron Maiden, and Menthor. Art by Wood, Reed Crandell, Gil Kane, and George Tuska. A KEY issue! SOLD
2. VG/F Wally Wood art and 3 stories - 36 pages of eye popping art! Dynamo, Noman and Menthor. SOLD
3. VG Dynamo vs Menthor battle story by Wally Wood. 45 total pages of art by Wood plus a great cover! SOLD
4. VG-/VG Wally Wood cover and one of his best splash pages ever on 1st story with Dan Adkins inks. Two other Wood stories, one inked by Reed Crandall. Lighting joins the Agents. Origin retold. SOLD
5. VG As below, nice low to mid-grade copy. SOLD
5. VF- Wood cover. Wood / Crandall Dynamo story, Kane / Wood Noman story, and Wood Thunder Agents story. Small black color touch-up spots on cover.  SOLD
6. VG+ Steve Ditko on Noman, Wood on 2 stories. Menthor and Lighting stories. SOLD
7. VG/F The Death of Menthor by Wally Wood.  SOLD
7. VG/F As above, same shape, your choice. Steve Ditko art. Iron Maiden appearance. SOLD
8. VF+ Wood / Ditko classic cover. Origin and 1st appearance of Raven. Great art, great stories, high grade copy.  SOLD
9. F/VF Two Wood stories. First appearance of The Tarantula. Art by Manny Stallman - John Giunta. SOLD
10. VF- One of my favorite covers in the entire run - by Al Williamson and Wally Wood! Wood, and George Tuska stories. A brown color touch-up cover spot.  SOLD
11. VF-/VF Wood cover and the Death of Dynamo lead story. Raven and Lighting solo stories..  SOLD
12. F+ Wood cover and Steve Ditko / Wally Wood Dynamo story.  SOLD
13. F Great Wood spiderweb cover. Undersea Agents guest star. George Tuska story. Dan Adkins with Wally Wood Dynamo story.  SOLD
14. F/F+ Gil Kane Raven cover and story. Great Wood story.  SOLD
15. F+ Real nice Gil Kane Noman cover. Nice George Tuska art on Weed story. And a fantastic Wood Dynamo story.  SOLD
16. F- Kane, Tuska, Wood, and a incredible Steve Ditko Dynamo story.  SOLD
17. F Two Wood stories, Tuska, Stone. Good stories.  SOLD
18. VF/VF+ Great Reed Crandall cover and fantastic story! Great Steve Ditko story. Plus a Ditko / Wood classic! What more do you want?  SOLD
19. VG/F Wally Wood collage cover and new story. Tuska art.  SOLD
20. VF New cover and origin story recapped. Also reprint stories. Reed Crandall art Last issue.  $30.00

Thunder Agents Paperbacks - Tower Books

no#. 1966 F Dynamo, NoMan, Menthor. Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, plus others in this original 1st printing paberback. Scarce.  SOLD
no#. 1966 F Menthor. Reprints from the above comics with his origin story, plus others by Wally Wood and company. Hard to find these now.  SOLD
no#. 1966 F/VF NoMan. As above, with Wood and Gil Kane art. All three make the complete set of these, I believe.  SOLD

Thunderbolt - Charlton

V3 - 51 (#2). F 2nd appearance and 2nd issue of these hard to find 35 year-old Super-hero title by Paii.  SOLD
V3 - 52. F+ Peter Cannon as a super-hero. Wild gorilla cover. Neat title. SOLD
V3 - 54. F/F+ 1st appearance The Sentinels.  SOLD
55. F+ 6.5 2nd Sentinels by Dick Giordano.  SOLD
56. VF-/VF 8.0 Classic cover!  SOLD
V3 - 58. F/VF Into the prehistoric valley lost in time! Plus The Sentinels.  SOLD
V3. - 59. VF Another classic Peter Cannon story, plus the last Sentinels back-up.  SOLD

Tillie the Toiler - Dell

106. VG/VG+ Four Color Series. 1945. Fun girl / teen romance stuff. Very clean copy - white pages! SOLD

Time For Love - Charlton

V2#53 F+/VF Herman's Hermits record cover. 1st issue. SOLD
2. F/VF Nice art throughout. Read "Never Love A Man With A Harem". Makes sence to me! SOLD
3. VF- "Ron and I have "an understanding.....but does he have to Crush my Ribs every time he kisses me??" WOW! Very nice art. SOLD
4. F/F+ Three wild stories plus the Charlton "we need the money" ope page house ad.  SOLD
30. F/F+ David Cassidy poster. Nice art on "No Strings Attached!" w/ undies panel.  SOLD

Tim Tyler's Luck - King

no#. F-/F 5.5 A King's comic giveaway from 1967. Felix the Cat stories!  SOLD

Tip Top - United Features

56. VG Tarzan by Hal Foster and Hogarth. Li'l Abner, Captain and the Kids, Fritzi Ritz and others.  SOLD
183. G/VG Nancy and Sluggo cover and stories. Tarzan back-up. SOLD

Tom and Jerry Comics - Dell

86. VG Nice, strong mid grade copy in the 5.0 range - but with a piece off the upper back cover. Otherwise clean, tight, bright, and off-white pages.  SOLD
127. VG+ Always one of my favorite comics and cartoons as a kid. Snowman cover.  SOLD
127. VG/F Original owner local collection. OW pages, slight rust on staples, solid and sound. SOLD
144. VF- A Dell File copy originally in the Jim Walsh collection. Nice, strong mid to upper grade copy in the 7.5 range, clean, tight, bright, and off-white pages.  SOLD
150. A Dell File copy originally in the Jim Walsh collection. Nice, strong mid to upper grade copy in the 8.0 range, clean, tight, bright, and off-white pages.  SOLD
161. VG T & J, Mouse Musketeers, Fuzzy and Wuzzy, Spike and Tyke, and Wuff, the Prairie Dog - all this for a dime!  SOLD
165. VG 1958. Usual classic fun stuff. And they did it month after month!  SOLD

Tom Corbertt Space Cadet - Prize Comics

V2 #1. VG 1st comics code issue 1955. Very weird esoteric S/F, aliens and monsters. Robot cover. Scarce, neat book. SOLD

Tom y Jerry - Mexican

226. F/F+ 1965 Mexican comic. Read Tom, Jerry, and friends in Spanish! Olay!  SOLD

Tom Mix Western - Fawcett Publications

6. VF- 7.5 Tom Mix Western #6 from Fawcett Publications, Inc. dating 1948. Real nice photo/painted type cover. Good, standard Fawcett western stories and art. This is a nicer high grade copy in the Very Fine minus 7.5 range. Very clean, no real problems, a very nice book. And it has off-white pages to boot! No restoration. SOLD
12. VG Nice painted photo cover. A no problems copy. But what I like most about this issue are the ads : an Erector set with a Superman comic offer, and a Captain Marvel wrist watch offer. Neat!  SOLD

Top Comics Presents - KK Publ. - Gold Key

1. F/VF Daffy Duck. Beep Beep Road Runner story also.  SOLD
1. VF- Zorro. Photo cover and all Alex Toth stories. Clean, nice book.  SOLD
2. VF+ Yogi Bear. Quick Draw McGraw story also.  SOLD
3. F/VF Woody Woodpecker. Classic reprints. Also Chilly Willy.  SOLD

Top Notch - MLJ Magazines

27. G Black Hood and The Firefly. Superheroes, WWII stuff and comedy strips. 1942.  SOLD

Top Secrets - Street and Smith

10. F Nice Bob Powell cover and art. Leonardo Da Vinci life story. Neat 2 page "crime quiz" feature. Last issue in the run and one of the last Street and Smith comics published. SOLD

Tops in Humor - Wm. H. Wise and Co., Inc / Harry A. Chesler Publ.

2. VF/VF+ Early 1940's humor gags and stories comic probably made for the servicemen of WWII. Digest sized comic (7" x 5") with some good girl art panels. Neat item, and scarce. SOLD

Tor 1,000,000 Years Ago - St. John Publishing

1. G/VG 1st appearance and origin Tor by Joe Kubert. Spint split 1" top of cover o/w a Fine. Cream to OW pages. SOLD

Total War - Gold Key

1. VG 100% Wally Wood art. Esoteric science fiction war story line. Very under-valued. SOLD
2. F+ Great painted cover plus entire issue 100% pure Wally Wood art. Continues as M.A.R.S. Patrol. SOLD

Tragg and The Sky Gods - Gold Key

1. F 6.0 1975 Origin and 1st appearance. Weird Cave Men vs Aliens series. Undervalued. SOLD

Treasure Chest - George A. Pflaum

Vol. 12 #18. VG/F
1957 Catholic comic book with very nice cover and a mix of religious stories. SOLD
Vol 19 #8. VG-/VG Christmas issue. "Red Victim" anti-communist series story with art by Joe Sinnott. Scarce - try finding another!  SOLD

Triple Giant Comics - Archie

one shot. G/VG Actually, this is Archie #246 from 1975. Very scarce - how many have you seen?? SOLD

Triple Threat - Hoyloke

1. F/F+ Very neat and esoteric one shot from 1945. 1st appearances of Duke of Darkness, King O'Leary and the Menace.  SOLD

The Troubleshooters - Dell

FC #1108 - F/VF 7.0 Photo cover, based on the short liver TV series. 1960.  SOLD

True Comics - Parents Magazine Press

no#. F+/VF A one page "True Comics" subscription order form from 1945. Neat piece of comics history. Clean and white!  SOLD

True Sport Picture Stories - Street & Smith Publications

V4 #11 F/VF 7.0 True Sport Picture Stories V4 #11 from Street and Smith Publications dating 1949. Bob Powell football cover and three stories of art. Also a Powell GGA baseball story. $75.00

TV Casper and Company - Harvey

34. VF Casper, Spooky and a cast of thousands! SOLD

Twlight Zone - Dell/Gold Key

27. F/VF 7.0 The 1st 11 page story - "The Ring" is by George Evans with Reed Crandell inks and some panels look like Frazetta inks. The 10 page story - "The Collector" is George Evans pencils with Frank Frazetta inks! A gem! SOLD
29. VF 8.0 Nice painted Pirate cover and story. 1 page George Evans art. Other stories by Golden-Age artists Joe Certa, and Art Saff. SOLD
30. VF 8.0 Nice painted cover by George Wilson. Stories by Golden-Age artists Joe Certa, Win Mortimer, and Bob Jenney. One story by newcomer Sal Trapani. SOLD
41. VF- Nice painted cover, usual Gold Key spook stuff.  SOLD
42. VF/NM Nice George Evans type art. Painted cover.  SOLD
85. VF+ 8.5 Near the end of the run - AND Frank Miller's 2nd published professional artwork - makes this issue scarce and always in demand. A Mike Roy painted cover (Mike worked with Bill Everett on Sub-Mariner in 1940!), and other art by Frank Bolle and Bob Jenney round out this NICE, scarcer copy! SOLD

Two-Bit The Wacky Woodpecker - Toby Press

1. VG- 1st appearance of this Woody Woodpecker with a hat clone. Scarce!  SOLD