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UFO and Alien Comix - Warren

1. VF 1978 One Shot. Art includes John Severin and Alex Toth. Great comic stories with a UFO theme. SOLD

UFO Flying Saucers - Gold Key

1. G/VG Stories based on real sightings and events. All have nice painted covers. Solid copy with a clean 1" tear by the GK logo. SOLD
9. F/VF 7.0 Abduction cover and story. Nice cover. 1976 SOLD

Uncle Scrooge - Dell/Gold Key

5. VG Classic Carl Barks undersea kingdom story.  SOLD
129. F/VF A full length Carl Barks classic "House of Haunts" from US #63. SOLD
191. F/F+ Three brand new Uncle Scrooge stories plus a Gyro Gearloose back-up reprint. SOLD

Uncle Sham - Print Mint

1. F+ 1970 Political underground comix making fun of Nixon and Agnew. SOLD

Undersea Agents - Tower

1. VG 1st appearance and origin of Davy Jones, Undersea Agent. Wild esoteric story with undersea flying saucers and the menace of Dr. Fang! SOLD
2. F-F As below, a hair or two better shape. SOLD
2. VG/VG+ Nice cover, art, and stories. Flying Saucer story "The Secret of the Flying Saucers". 2nd appearance of Dr. Fang.  SOLD
2. F-/F Another copy.  Agent Davy Jones and his undersea adventures. Cool Silver-Age Flying Saucers story. Nice cover and art through out the book. Not a bad series! SOLD
3. VG+ More good stories and art. Cool giant robot story, and a beautiful Gil Kane story.  SOLD

Unearthly Spectaculars - Harvey

2. VF- A chock fest of classic art and stories. Wally Wood's "Earth man " and "Miracles Inc" stories, Gil Kane's "Tiger Boy", Al Williamson's "Clawfang" and Jack Sparling's "Jack Q Frost". Classic all the way! SOLD
3. F/VF Another 25 cent giant, as above issue. New "The 3 Rocketeers" story. Williamson, Crandall, and Simon/Kirby art. SOLD

Unknown Worlds - ACG


47. F/F+ 1966. Beautiful Johnny Craig 14 page Pirate story - his best artwork since his EC days! Also a nice 3 page Al Williamson story. And a wild, S/F Dinosuar story with art by Pete Costanza. Good issue! $SOLD
50. F-/F Abe Lincoln cover. Nice, little Steve Ditko story 3 pages. SOLD

Unusual Tales - Charlton

4. F/F+
As the title says: very unusual tales.
9. VF/NM 9.0 CGC slabbed. Classic Steve Ditko cover and stories. A hard to find copy. Highest graded copy to date.
19. VG/F 5.0 Nice Matt Baker cover and story - this probably was the last published cover he did as he died later that year. Flying Saucer story by Dick Giordano. Stories written by Joe Gill. A strong copy with a slight spine roll. SOLD
20. VG 4.0 Uncredited Matt Baker story with inks by Vince Colletta (these creators liked to work together). Nice Don Perlin "Stone Man" alien story. Nicholas / Alascia cover and a Molno / Mastroserio story round out this nice issue. SOLD
21. VG/F 5.0 Looks like a Dick Giordano cover - nice! Bill Fraccio art 1st story. (Bill was a Golden-Age artist who worked many years for Charlton - then moved on to Warren to do some Creepy and Eerie stories!) Charles Nicholas story - who was a Charlton workhorse by this time. Stories all written by Joe Gill - another Charlton workhorse. SOLD
31. VG Some wire bundle edge bending, otherwise very solid and sound. Steve Ditko monkey cover. SOLD
32. NM- 9.2 This one's ungraded - as below. Very sharp high grade copy. Flying Saucer story. SOLD

32. NM-

CGC 9.2

A super copy of this Charlton 10 cent issue from 1962. Cool Mummy cover. CGC graded with off white pages. SOLD

The Valley of Gwangi

no #. F 6.0 Great painted cover, based on the cool movie - lot of Dinosaurs!  SOLD

Valley of the Dinosaurs - Charlton

1. VF/NM Scarce Hanna-Barbara comic based on the TV series. SOLD

Vampirella - Warren

2. NM/M A beautiful high grade copy of the scarce second issue. You can't upgrade this one if you tried! SOLD

Vengeance Squad - Charlton

1-5. Set F/VF The first five issues from this good hard-boiled detective series. But the real highlight of this series are the Joe Staton "Michacl Mauser, Private Eye" back-up stories! Try it - you'll like it. Bargin priced at....... SOLD
1. VF/NM "Michacl Mauser, Private Eye" by Joe Staton back-ups start - great stuff! Morisi art main feature. SOLD
2. VF Paiii Morisi cover and art. Mike Mauser back-up by Staton. SOLD
3. VF Nice cover and story - as above stuff. SOLD
4. F+ As above, good stuff! SOLD

Visions - Vision Publications

1-3. NM set 1979-1981. This was a fanzine type magazine series with a low print run and limited distribution. Very nice stuff with art by the likes of Neal Adams, Al Williamson, Jim Steranko and many others. Issue one has the 1st app. of Flaming Carrot, and is signed by creator Bob Burden (#636 of 1000 made). Issue two also signed by Burden in two places (#1947 of 2000 made) - 2nd Carrot. Issue three also signed by Burden - 3rd Carrot.  SOLD

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Gold Key

7. F/VF Nice painted covers. Clean, sharp copy. SOLD