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Wacky Witch - Gold Key

16. F+ Sharp, warehouse copy. $5.00

Walt Disney Showcase - Gold Key

48. F/F+ Pinocchio. Last 64 page issue. GA & SA reprints. SOLD
50. F 6.0 Photo cover. Bedknobs and Broomsticks Movie. SOLD

Wally Wood's Thunder Agents - Deluxe Comics

1. NM+ The revival of one of the best team-up comics of the 1960's. George Perez cover/story. Signed by Dave Cockrum.  SOLD
2. NM George Perez cover/story. This issue also signed by Dave Cockrum.  SOLD

Walt Disney's Christmas Parade - Dell

4. F/F+ Also called, and listed under Dell Giant. 1952 100 page giant. A very nice copy with a 2 inch crease on the back cover that keeps this out of the VF range. Very scarce in high grade.  SOLD

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories - Dell / Gold Key

V5#4. VG #52, 1945 Carl Barks on Donald. First The Li'l Bad Wolf feature. SOLD
V10#7. VG #115, 1950 A non Barks issue. Still great stories. SOLD
V16#8. VG/VG+ #188, 1956. Barks Donald story, plus the usual back-ups. SOLD
292. F Thanksgiving cover. Barks story. SOLD
298. F/F+ Carl Barks cover and Daisy Duck story. Mickey Mouse back-up. SOLD
313. VG/F 5.0 Still a Carl Barks cover, but this is the 1st regular non Barks story issue. Good stories though.  SOLD
493. VF Reprints the Carl Barks DD story from issue #97. Also Beagle Boys vs Uncle Scrooge, Li'l Bad Wolf and Mickey Mouse back-up tales. All for only 50 cents! (back in '81!) SOLD

Walt Disney's World of Stamps

no # 1984 While not a comic book, still a neat item! This is a sealed set #1 of 14 Disney stamps for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics from the countries of Anguilla, and The Republic of Maldives. Mint condition. $10.00

Wambi Jungle Boy - Fiction House

4. F/VF Solid Golden-Age. 2 page text origin of Wambi. Back Cover. $150.00

Warfront - Harvey

6. F+/VF Korean War stories. Bob Powell pre-code art. Blood cover.  SOLD
21. VG/F Nice cover and art. Violent.  SOLD
37. F/VF This issue contains 17 pages of Great Wally Wood art that rivels any of his EC war stories. 1st Lone Tiger.

38. VG/F 5.0 Joe Simon cover. Wally Wood art. Weird war stories! Other art by George Roussos and Wild Bill Draut.  SOLD

War Heroes - Charlton

1. F 1st issue. 1963. True stories of war heroes.  SOLD
7. F+/VF Nicer artwork by Montes and Bache. Nice cover.  SOLD

Warrior - Quality Communications

1-26. Set NM/M This is the complete set (missing issue #13 only) of 26 issues of the Eagle Awards winning run of the British comic series called "Warrior". Magazine sized 50 to 60 pages each, get over 1,250 pages of Britain's best such as the original 1st appearamces of"V for Vendetta", "Marvelman" (Miracleman), and "Big Ben" by talents such as Alan Moore, John Bolton, Gary Leach, and Dave Gibbons. These are original early to mid 1980's pre U.S. stories.  GONE!

Web of Horror - Major Magazines

1-3. Set VF- avg. This is the complete set of three magazine sized B&W horror anthology comics from the late 1960's. Done in the early Warren Creepy/Eerie style - AND just as good! Stories and art by Ralph Reese, Wayne Howard, Bruce Jones, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Jeff Jones, and Frank Brunner. Very nice set!!  GONE!

Weird Fantasies - Los Angeles Comic Book Co.

1. F 6.0 1st printing. EC Comics tribute issue. Great Craig-like cover art and story art by Landon Chesney, and written by the great Otto Binder. Other art by Rich Corben, and Nick Cuti's Moonchild. PURE, prime underground over 40 years old now. 1972. Small bottom cover split otherwise a 7.0 copy. SOLD

Weird Tales of The Macabre - Atlas / Skywald Publications

1. F 6.0 Nice Jeff Jones painted cover. Good stories and art. SOLD

Westerner - Super Comics Inc.

17. VG-/VG 4 1950's western tale reprints. Good sample. "The Saga of Ben Thompson". John Severin cover. SOLD

Western Fighters - Hillman Publ.

V3 #5. VG/F Good Western stories, nice art - possible E.R. Kinstler and Bob Powell stories. From the famous "Bonnett's Magazine Store" in Dayton, Ohio. SOLD
V3 #7. VG Syd Shores and other nice art. Also from the "Bonnett's" store in Ohio. (This was a large used book store in the 50's/60's that bought and sold comics and stamped all it's books with it's "Bonnett's" store stamp). SOLD

Whip Wilson - Atlas/Marvel Comics

9 (#1). F+ 6.5 Whip Wilson #9 (1st issue) from Marvel Comics dating 1950. Neat photo cover, and some real nice inside art (Joe Maneely?). 1st appearance in comics along with his horse Bullet. Very scarce.
This is a real nice copy that I'm grading in the strong Fine plus 6.5 range. It has the appearance of a VF 8.0 copy, but the back cover upper edge has a 1/8" triangle chip missing, and the interior pages going in are dented. Very clean. Light tan edges to cream to off-white pages. No restoration.

Whiz Comics - Fawcett Publications

151. G/G+ Low distribution - near the end of the run. Kurt Schaffenberger cover and art. Solid, tight copy with nice off-white pages. SOLD

Wild Bill Elliott - Dell Comics

2. VF/NM High Grade. Photo covers and inside covers. Nice book. Back cover. SOLD

Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles - Charlton

69. VG Some color cover touch-ups ans a small piece of tape on back cover. Williamson AND Torres stories. SOLD

Will Eisner's Quarterly - Kitchen Sink Press

Set #1-8. NM/M Original Will Eisner stories plus some Spirit and Mr. Mystic comic strips. Interviews with creators such as Neal Adams. A nice set of mags. SOLD

Windows - Cult Press

2. VF- 7.5 1992. Small press low print run Adult Drama series in black and white from Cult Press. This 2nd issue is signed by writer / editor Leon. The series ran for a few years, and Neil Gaiman was involved at the books end. SOLD

Winnie the Pooh - Gold Key

11. F/F+ All new stories SOLD

Wolfman - Dell

1. F-F Movie classics. 1963. The 3rd of the three Universal movie adaptations (Creature and Frankenstein). Get the set!  SOLD

Wonder Comics - Standard / Nedor

10. F/VF Wonder Comics #10 from Standard / Nedor Publications dating 1947. 2nd appearance Wonder Man. Super Schomburg cover. Beautiful interior artwork all around. A super, higher grade copy in the 7.0 range, but there is a 1/4" piece of old time tape at a tear inside front cover top staple, and a probable tiny touch-up spot on spine. Both were completely unnecessary, but they are there. Nice off-white pages.VERY RARE. SOLD

Woody Woodpecker - Dell

5. F/F+ Four color #249. Neat issue, nice cover. 1949.  SOLD

World Around Us - Gilberton Publishers

30. VG Undersea Adventures. Beautiful art throughout by Reed Crandell w/ George Evans, Jack Kirby, Gray Morrow, and Anglos Torres.  SOLD

World of Giant Comics - Archie Publications

no# . VG/F 1975. 160 page giant comic consisting of 6 rebound Archie comics. Not common, tough to find in decent shape because of it's massive size! SOLD

World of Mystery - Atlas/Marvel

1. VG-/VG Very solid lower grade copy. Great art - Torres, Powell, Orlando.  SOLD

World of Wheels - Charlton Comics

26. F+ Great esoteric cover and story : "The Day the Satans Came to Town".  SOLD