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Yang - Charlton

1. VF Origin of Yang. Warren Sattler covers and stories begin. Slavery story. SOLD
2. VF/NM Sattler cover and full length 24 pg. story. Yang bondage cover. SOLD
3. F+@ @ A VF/NM copy with a ever-so-slight staple pull on cover top staple. Sattler cover / story. SOLD

Yankee Comics - Harry A Chesler

4. F- This is the digest sized #4. These 68 page comics were part gag strips and part short comic stories, and were distributed to the servicemen during WWII. A nice, uncirculated copy that has 60 years storage wear. SOLD

Young Brides - Prize Publications

V2 #5. VG/F Photo cover. One Simon / Kirby art story. Other good art.  SOLD

Young Doctors - Charlton

1. F/VF Scarch British edition. Neat book - "Two Handsome Dedicared Young Men in a Never-Ending Battle to Save Human Lives..."  SOLD

Young Love - Prize Publications

58. F/VF 7.0 One of the classic art covers in the run. Great stories and nice art.  SOLD

Your United States - Lloyd Jacquet Studios

No #. F One shot from 1946. Used in SOTI. Very unique and esoteric comic. SOLD