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1. VF+/NM Introduction and 1st appearance of OMAC by Jack Kirby.  $30.00

Omega Men

3. NM+ 9.6 1st full apearance Lobo and 1st cover appearance. Super high grade.  SOLD

Our Army At War

115. F/VF 1st crossover for Mamselle Marie and 1st meeting between her and Sgt. Rock. 1st Sgt. Rock Battle Family story, where is is revealed Rock is an orphan. Nice Kubert art.  SOLD
132. VF-/VF Joe Kubert cover and art. Jerry Grandenetti 2nd story. Nice, clean copy You will be pleased with this issue.  SOLD
137. VG Kubert story and cover. 1st appearance of Ramrod. SOLD
143. VF-/VF Kubert cover and story. Also Jack Abel art. Another nice, clean copy guaranteed to please.  SOLD
152. F/VF 4th All Sgt. Rock issue w/ Kubert cover and full 25 page story.  SOLD
163. F/VF Joe Kubert cover and story w/ Rock teaming up with Viking Prince!  SOLD
164. F/VF One of the 1st 80 pg giants for Sgt. Rock. Classic cover and stories.  SOLD
166. F/VF Excellent Kubert cover and Sgt. Rock story. 1st "Readers Sound Off" mail page?? SOLD
167. F/VF Kubert cover/story. Irv Novick story. SOLD
174. F/VF 7.0 Nice Joe Kubert cover and full 18 page Sgt. Rock story. Great back-up tale by Golden-Age horror artist Bob Forgione with Jack Abel.  $35.00
176. F+ Another classic Kubert cover and lead story. Nobody can do war like JK can!!  $22.50
177. VF+ Another 80 pg giant - these are not easy to find in collectible shape. Great stuff.  SOLD
178. F+/VF Outstanding Joe Kubert cover and great Russ Heath story.  SOLD
180. VF+ Nice Joe Kubert cover and excellent Russ Heath art. Nice copy.  $50.00
189. F/VF 7.0 Nice Joe Kubert cover and full 13 page Sgt. Rock story. 1st appearance of The Teen-Age Underground Fighters. Back-ups are by Jack Sparling, and Arthur Peddy.  $25.00
194. F/VF Kubert cover and story with Kid Guerrillas and his Unit 3 team. Rock captured again.  SOLD
196. VF/VF+ Kubert cover and Sgt. Rock art with a story featuring Hitler, and his slave labor concentration camps. Also, a Russ Heath story.   SOLD
199. F/VF Kubert cover and story - great "Nazi Ghost-Wolf cover"!!  $30.00
200. VF- Anniversary issue. Kubert cover and story - the 1st flower child! Nice George Evans back-up story.  $40.00
201. VF- Great Joe Kubert cover and story, "The Graffiti Writer". Berni Krigstein "Waterloo" battle story - excellent art.  $20.00
207. F+ Last 12 cent issue. Kubert, nice Sid Greene story.  $15.00
217. F/VF JK cover/story. Early Ken Barr art.  $13.50
218. VF+ JK cover. Russ Heath Sgt. Rock story.  SOLD
219. VF/NM Excellent JK cover! Heath "Rock" story. Two-page beautiful Murphy Anderson centerfold.  SOLD
221. F+ JK cover and two-page centerfold. Heath on "Rock".  $7.50
228. F/VF 7.0 Powerful Joe Kubert cover and 14 page story - Sgt. Fury kills a young German soldier.  And a Civil War story by Ric Estrada.  $15.00
230. VF/VF+ Nice JK cover, Heath story on "Rock" again.  $15.00
231. VF 1st appearance of Sgt. Rocks brother (and last). JK cover, RH art.  SOLD
232. VF Another outstanding JK cover!! RH art.  $15.00
233. VF/NM JK cover and story. Noboby can draw a war cover like Kubert!  SOLD
234. VF/VF+ Last 15 cent issue. JK cover, RH "Rock" story.  SOLD
236. F+ 25 cent "giant" issue. Not as easy to find as the superhero books from this time period. Excellent Kubert cover and art. Also Russ Heath.  $15.00
237. VF/NM 25 cent giant. Kubert cover/ and stories. Heath two stories. George Evans Civil War tale.   SOLD
242. F DC 100-page Super Spectacular #9. As the cover says, "100 pages of story and art from cover to cover". SOLD
246. VF One of the 25-cent giants. Kubert Rock cover and classic Heath story. Vintage Kubert Navy story. Battle of Little Bighorn Gen. Custer story.  SOLD
247. F+ JK "Joan of Arc" cover with Russ Heath doing the story.  $7.50
248. VF JK cover, RH story.  $10.00
249. VF-/VF Joe Kubert cover, Russ Heath art. Great gem Wally Wood air force story.  $10.00
250. VF- Joe Kubert cover, Russ Heath story.  SOLD
251. VF The return of Iron Major. Joe Kubert cover, Russ Heath story.  $12.00
251. VF- Another classic Kubert cover. The return of The Iron Major. SOLD
258. VF/VF+ Kubert cover, Heath art, classic Sgt. Rock.  SOLD
263. VF Sgt. Rock. Kubert cover. Heath art. George Washington story.  SOLD
266. VF/VF+ Classic Joe Kubert cover and Russ Heath Sgt. Rock cover.  $12.00
269. F+ A 100-pp giant not mentioned as such in the price guide. Kubert, Heath, Severin, and George Evans stories.  SOLD
280. F- 200th appearance of Sgt. Rock in this title. Reprints of his 1st two appearances in OAAW #81 and #83. 50-cent giant issue.  $10.00
290. F+/VF Two kids on the cover, reading a copy of Sgt. Rock Comics, with Sgt. Rock standing behind them!  $7.50
295. VF Special bicentenial issue. Great cover - check it out!  SOLD
296. VF/NM JK cover. Nice Nestor and Frank Redondo Sgt. Rock story.  $10.00
298. VF- Great JK cover. F.Redondo Sgt. Rock story.  $8.00
300. VF- Very nice anniversary cover with Joe Kubert art.  $10.00
301. VF/VF+ Last issue - continues into Sgt. Rock's own comic here. Kubert cover/story.  $12.00

Our Fighting Forces

63. NM Gunner and Sarge team-up with "Pooch, Tank Hunter"! Nice Russ Heath story. Beautiful high-grade copy.  SOLD
107. NM/M Lt. Hunter's Hellcats cover and story. 2nd appearance.  SOLD
115. VF Joe Kubert nice cover. Lt. Huner's Hellcats. Kubert 3 pg story. Sharp copy.  SOLD
117. F- Joe Kubert Snowmen Nazi cover! Mlle Marie app.  $12.00
124. F/VF 7.0 Cover by Joe Kubert. Only the 2nd appearance of 'The Losers" - the left-over DC war heroes consisting of Capt. Storm, Johnny Cloud, and Gunner & Sarge. Nice art by Ross Andru with Mike Esposito. Back-up story with excellent art by John Severin.  $17.50
132. F/F+ A solo story on "Pooch" - The Loser's dog by John Severin. Joe Kurbert cover. SOLD
133. F/VF 1st giant 25 cent issue. Kubert cover and vintage story. Jonh Severin "The Losers" story.  $15.00
134. VF+ 8.5 2nd 25 cent "giant" Alex Toth, Joe Kubert, John Severin, cool!  SOLD
137. F/F+ Another giant, Severin's "Losers", Kubert, Ken Barr art.  $12.50
138. F+ 1st 20 cent issue. Very nice John Serverin artwork with a Joe Kubert cover.  $8.50
139. VF 8.0 Classic cover by Joe Kubert w/ Sarge and crew aboard a pirate ship! Severin story.  $15.00