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Abortion Eve - Nanny Goat Productions

no#. VG/F 5.0 A first of its kind - a serious discussion on Abortion! This is an underground comic from over 40 years ago telling women what to expect, and how to go about this then "underground" subject. A very esoteric piece of scarce comics history! 1973. SOLD


Abraham Lincoln Life Story - Dell Comics

1. F Dell Giant Series. 100 pg giant with very nice art (some George Evans?) The history of Abe from boyhood to his death told. Well done, tough to find in higher grade. SOLD

Ace Comics - David McKay

101. G/VG 1945 Prince Valiant by H. Forster, Jungle Jim by A. Raymond, plus The Phantom and others. SOLD
103. VG- Same features as above, also Blondie and other strips. SOLD
134. F- 5.5 More of above strips - last Prince Valiant. Some cover gloss on this copy, nice pages. Scarce. SOLD

Adventures in Science Series - General Electric Company

GE did a number of giveaways in the 1940's - 1950's all relating to science and advances in technology. All full color 16 page regular size comic books.
#4 1947 VF+ Adventures in Electricity - X-Rays-In Medicine, Industry, and Science. Talks about how X-Rays were discovered and how it can help detect cancers. Nice art. SOLD
#5 1948 VF+ Adventures in Electricity- Electricity in Railroading. The history of the electric train from the Indians to present. Same nice art. SOLD
no # 1948 VF- Adventures inside the Atom - The Story of Nuclear Energy. Explains from A to Z on how we make Nuclear Energy. No terrorists please. SOLD
no # 1952 F/VF Adventure into The Future. This one has a little bit of everything. Same nice unknown (to me) artist. SOLD
no # 1949 VF Adventure Into The Past. Advances from the 1700's to present day. Cool old/new merging cover. Same artist. SOLD
no # 1953 VF- Electricity Around Us. The story and history of electricity. Nice art. SOLD
no # 1952 VF Land of Plenty - The Story of Freedom and Power. History of freedon in America and how it goes hand and hand with power. Same nice art. SOLD
no # 1953 VF/VF+ Man-Made Magic. The modern generation of electricity is told. SOLD
no # 1953 VF/NM Network of Power. The story of the distribution of electricity. Real nice art (same artist) SOLD
no # 1954 NM- The Story of Light. The 75th anniversary of electricity issue. History of light and lightbulbs. More real nice art. SOLD

Adventures into the Unknown - ACG

124. VG Sharp copy with some moisture staining and rusty staples. Everything very tight - WHITE pages. SOLD
131. F 6.0 Ogden Whitney cover and S/F story. SOLD
166. F- One of the very underated Nemesis Super-Hero stories that ACG did. Nice Chic Stone art, as usual.  SOLD
172. F-/F Solid copy, nice pages, cool cover. SOLD

Adventures of Jack Tar - American Visuals Corp

no#. F/F+ A full color 20 page givaway comic from the Jack Tar Togs line of children shirts and suits. No date, but definately early 1950's. Not listed in guide. A VF copy with a small chip out of the back cover. Neat item with nice art. SOLD

Adventures of Jo-Joy - W.T.Grants Dept. Store

no#. F- 1948 A full-color 16 page giveaway, great slight cream to off-white pages. Very cool art and story - 1st appearance of Sparks the Rabbit! 1ST of the Jo-Joy issues and scarce. SOLD

Adventures of Kool-Aid Man - Archie

4. VF/NM 1987. This is #4 of this run, this one is not listed in Overstreet, and I believe this was a mail order only giveaway. Art by Archie great Dan DeCarlo. (See Marvel - A section - for #1). SOLD

Alarming Adventures - Harvey Publications

2. F+/VF Some of these Harvey "non humor" issues are real art gems. This one has a great John Severin cover, two Bob Powell s/f stories and a Al Williamson/Reed Crandell story. SOLD

Albedo Anthropomorphics - Steven A. Gallacci Publ.

3. VF-/VF 1985. At one time, this title was HOT. A very small print run limited b&w comic. This is a 1st printing, and is signed by creator S. Gallacci. 2nd appearance/story Usagi Yojimbo. SOLD

Amazing Heroes - Fantagraphics

3. NM- 9.2 The classic ALL Justice Society of America issue. New cover - great articles. SOLD

America's Greatest Comics - Special Edition Reprints

1. VF/VF+ Flashback #25 1970's reprint. Classic comic. SOLD

Andy Devine - Fawcett Publications

2. F/VF 7.0 Andy Devine #2 from Fawcett Publications, Inc. dating 1951. Nice front and back photo covers, and funny type western stories. Everyone loved Andy Devine! 2nd issue of this scarce 2 issue run. This is a nicer grade copy in the Fine to Very Fine 7.0 range. No real problems, super clean, nice off-white pages. No restoration $225.00

Archie - Archie Publications

Also see Betty And Me, and Life With Archie

79. VG- 3.5 Scarce. 1956 issue. Clean, tight, and nice pages. SOLD
150. VF- Nice cover, and four classic Archie tales. SOLD
164. VG- 3.5 Dan DeCarlo Esso gag cover on the old "Tiger in your Tank" gasoline ad from the 1960's. Four classic stories and art by Frank Doyle and Harry Lucey. Any one of these could be in a "Best Of" Archie Hardcover! Unmatched 6 page story telling. SOLD
232. F/F+ Winter issue - Christmas shopping story. Nice pages! SOLD
616. NM/M I usually don't list new comics here on the site - but this will be a collectors item. Regular cover of the Obama / Palin issue Part 1 of 2. SOLD
617. NM/M I usually don't list new comics here on the site - but this will be a collectors item. Regular cover of the Obama / Palin issue Part 2 of 2. SOLD
617. NM/M This is the scarcer variant cover of the above issue. SOLD

Archie All-Star Special - Archie Publications

no # front

back cover

GIANT GRAB OF COMICS - Scarce. 1975. Five Archie comics rebound into one giant. There are four different 160 page giants - and each can have different interiors. All four have a new cover. Insides on this one are Archie's T.V. Laugh-Out #33, Reggie's Wise Guy Jokes #34, Everything's Archie #41, Madhouse #98, and Archie at Riverdale High #27 (with the famous Betty Shower Scene!) SOLD

no # front

back cover

TRIPLE GIANT COMICS - Scarce. 1975. Five Archie comics rebound into one giant. There are four different 160 page giants - and each can have different interiors.So there are many varieties to collect. All four have a new cover. Insides on this one are Archie #246, Jughead #243, Laugh #293, Josie #83, and Reggie and Me #80.  SOLD

Archie And Me - Archie Publications

15. F/VF Great classic robot cover. Computer (1967) dating story! SOLD
16. F+ Great Mr. Weatherbee cover and all-issue special. SOLD
17. F+ An all camping out issue. SOLD
18. VF- Pop-art story. SOLD
19. VF+ One of the best "Esoteric" Archie covers of all time! High grade copy! SOLD
21. VG- UFO flying saucer cover and story. Nice looking copy, but cover, centerfold, and inner centerfold are loose from bottom staple only - thus the givin grade. Wild Mr. Weatherbee splash page. SOLD
22. VG/F Archie learns karate, and Mr. Weatherbee has problems with a talking pen. SOLD
23. F/VF Annual all summer camping issue. SOLD
26. VF/VF+ Annual all Christmas issue. SOLD
27. VF/VF+ Cool comic book spoof "Groovy man" comics story. Plus, Mr. Weatherbee grows hair! Also a UFO story. SOLD
32. VF- Football story plus others. SOLD
34. VG/F An all silent story. SOLD
37. F/VF Special "Japan Expo '70" issue for the World's Fair. SOLD
38. VF- Archie takes a summer vacation with Mr. Weatherbee! SOLD
42. VG Looks like Joe Edwards cover and art. Three classic stories and one pin-up page. Bullying and school protests with a hippie in one story - this from 1971! SOLD

Archie as Captain Pureheart

4. VF .Nice clean sharp copy - great colors. Classic bad-good stuff! Bill Vigoda art.  SOLD

Archie at Riverdale High - Archie Publications

9. F- 5.5 Stan Goldberg cover, but all three stories are by Harry Lucey. Archie wins Riverdale High's sports event, the gang wants to open a youth center, and Veronica is keeping fast company! Dan DeCarlo in joke reference. SOLD
11. VG/F 5.0 Archie and crw help clean up the town. Reggie becomes the swimming champ. SOLD

Archie Clean Slate - Spire Christian Comics

no# . F This has a 39 cent cover, not the 35 cent that Overstreet mentions. Archie gets religon! Esoteric comic. SOLD

Archie Giant Series - Archie

196. VG 4.0 Very solid copy with a bottom cover edge tear. SCARCE issue. "Sabrina's Christmas Magic". A Giant 84 page giant. SOLD
226. VF "Betty and Veronica Spectacular". Lots of summer swimming and fun. 1st appearance of Audrey the New Girl in Town. SOLD
487. F+/VF "The World of Jughead". Cool UFO story.  SOLD

Archie's Explorers of the Unknown - Archie

1. VF+ 1st appearance in their own title and origin of The Explorers of the Unknown. $7.50

Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica - Archie

171. F+/VF Big snowball fight issue! SOLD
206. VG/F 5.0 Sabrina AND Josie star on this Dan DeCarlo cover! SOLD
216. F/F+ Summer issue. SOLD

Archie's Joke Book - Archie

47. F 6.0 .Pretty sharp. Early Neal Adams artwork from 1960. VERY scarce in nice shape..  SOLD
171. F+/VF 32 stories in this 1/2 and 1 pager issue. "Watchmen" cover. SOLD

Archie's Pal Jughead - Archie

85. VG-/VG One of the "famous" horror/s/f covers from that 1959-1962 Archie time period. Tough to find. SOLD

Archie's Pals 'n' Gals - Archie Publications

63. VG- 3.5 Dan DeCarlo Drag Racing cover. Unlisted great UFO / Flying Saucer / Robot story. 64 page giant issue. Art by DeCarlo, Harry Lucey, Joe Edwards, and Bob White. SOLD

Archie's T.V. Laugh-Out - Archie Publications

1. VG- 3.5 1st issue Giant series with Sabrina cover and stories guest starring with The Archie Gang. Solid copy. Scarce. SOLD

Army Laughs - Crestwood Publ.

V6#10 . VF-/VF 1946. Not exactly a comic book, but a neat esoteric digest sized magazine cousin. GGA one page gags and 2 page comic stories. Ken Browne and other well known GGA artists of the time. 68 pages cover to cover.   SOLD

Army Surplus Komikz featuring Cutey Bunny - JQ Enterprises

1. NM/M 1982. This funny animal title pre-dates TMNT by 2 years! 1st app. Cutey Bunny, signed by creators Joshua Quiagmire and Fatty Tubbins.  SOLD

Army War Heroes - Charlton

29. F 6.0 Talk about your ESOTERIC books - this is one of the best from the Bronze-Age! This has a "The Archer" story were our hero secretly smuggles into a famous Hitler / Mussolini meeting some truth drug. He is able to shoot the drug into both leaders via a blow gun dart. Both leaders start calling the other names, and they get into a fist fight!!! Hitler says "You stupid idiotic Schweinhundt! I vill kill you myself!" Mussolini replys "Shutta-up!! You Sourkraut!!" Classic, classic, classic, and unknown to most from 1969. WILD! $35.00
31. VF 8.0 Charlton war. Not common in better grade. Sam Glanzman's Iron Corporal series. Plus a Sanho Kim story. Nice copy. SOLD

Atomic Revolution, The - 1957 Giveaway

no#. 6.5 to 7.0 F/VF

A very esoteric full sized scarce comic book "The Atomic Revolution" published by M. Philip Copp from 1957. The history of Atomic Energy is told with GREAT Atomic Bomb and Hydrogen Bomb explosion panels! Beautiful art by an uncredited artist - but I'm going to say it was by Golden-Age great Al McWilliams. Black & white art with red and green overtones - and many double page spreads. Higher grade condition, probably a file copy, but has wear along bottom spine and some upper spine bends, all from storage. White pages printed on higher quality paper. A very neat comic book!

Just a side note. I just finished reading a book on Robert J. Oppenheimer - who is considered the "father" of the atomic bomb. He was a MAJOR player involved with the then secret "Mahanttan Project" (called The Mahanttan District in this comic) that developed the Atomic Bomb in New Mexico. And he was considered an American Hero after WW II ended. But NOWHERE was he mentioned in this historical comic. Strange.



Aurora Comic Scenes - Aurora Plastics

184-140. VG/F 1974 8page slick paper in color comic and instructions for the model kit. SOLD

Australian Comics - Various Publishers

A mix of Australian comics from the 1960's - early 1970's that are all sharper, higher grade copies. Color covers, b&w interiors, some original, some reprints of American comic strips.

25. VF-/VF Brick Bradford. Cool cover - S/F story SOLD
21. VF/VF+ Catman. Very cool series. Super-Hero stuff - kind of like a Batman character. SOLD
22. VF Catman. Great mummy cover and story. SOLD
16. F- Flash Gordon. Nice S/F - Al McWilliams art? SOLD
28. F/VF Jane Arden. Mystery and suspense. Strip reprints SOLD
62. F+ The Panther. Another coolseries like the above Catman. Looks all original, and not bad. SOLD
45. F/VF Rip Kirby. Strip reprints, nice art SOLD
26. VF- Secret Agent X-9 of the FBI. Cool cover. Strip reprints? SOLD
151. VF- The Shadow. Looks original - a purple faced Shadow! SOLD